Our Promise

Living brand excellence

To transform organizations into communities, where individuals collaborate deliberately to maximize value creation by creating a seamless value chain and living brand excellence.

schuitema group pakistan - our promise
schuitema group pakistan - our philosophy

Our philosophy

Intent to give is the sole criterion for success – for individuals, teams and organisations.

Organisations give a platform to individuals and teams to rise above their self-interest and create value for the community. By creating and aligning the intent to give of the individual, team and organisation, success can be achieved at all levels.

schuitema group pakistan - our philosophy

Our offer

Human Excellence through consulting, coaching, training and diagnostics.

Leadership Excellence

The leaders’ legitimate power is built upon Care&Growth.

Team Excellence

A team succeeds to the extent to which they set each other up to succeed.

Personal Excellence

We create the world around us and develop with every new situation.

Organisational Excellence

Successful organisations are people who collaborate for a higher purpose.

Business Consultancy

Value maximization through seamless value-creation chain.

Organisational Network Analysis

Organisations can only be fully understood after an analysis of their patterns of collaboration in informal organisational networks.

Our concept

Intent thematic

In every situation we have a choice:

What’s in it for me?
How can I contribute here?

The choice we make reflects our intention, and it makes all the difference.

We create our world and our future.

schuitema-group-pakistan- our concept - intent thematic

Who we work with

We partner with organisations to enable them to experience 360° excellence.

Schuitema started its operations in Pakistan in 2003. Since then it has gone on to provide consultancy, coaching and training services to a 100+ companies from different industries, across all four provinces of Pakistan.

  1. Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan
  2. Nestle Pakistan
  4. Unilever
Food & Beverages
  1. Al Shaheer
  2. Fauji Foods Limited
  3. Tapal
  4. National Foods Ltd
  5. Engro Foods
  6. Rupali Foods
  1. Engro Polymer and Chemicals
  2. Engro Fertilizer
  3. Fatima Fert
  4. Fauji Fertilizer Binqasim Ltd
  5. Fauji Fertlizer
  6. ICI Pakistan Ltd
  7. Lotte Chemicals
  8. Berger Paints
  9. Pakistan Petroleum Limited
  10. PSO
  11. Shell
  12. Total Parco
  1. Beacon House School System
  2. British Council
  3. Indus Valley School
  4. TCF
  5. Riphah International
  6. LUMS
  7. Quaid-e-Azam University
  8. UET
  1. Engro Energy Limited
  2. Engro Vopak Terminal Ltd
  3. Hub Power Services Limited
  4. Laraib Energy
  5. Lodhran Pilot Project
  6. PEDO
  7. Byco Refinery
  8. KAPCO
  9. CCPA
  10. PESCO
  11. MAPCO
  12. USAID PDIP Project
  13. Uch Power Plant
  14. Attock Refinery
  1. Descon Engineering
  2. PEL
  3. Siemens
  4. ABB
  5. Rohde and Schwartz
Financial Services
  1. Albaraka Bank
  2. Faysal Bank Limited
  3. Finca Micro Finance
  4. IGI General Insurance
  5. Meezan Bank Limited
  6. UBL Fund Managers Ltd
  7. State Bank of Pakistan
  8. Allied Bank
  9. Kashf Finance
  1. ECS
  2. Service Sales Corporation
  3. Metro Cash & Carry
  4. MeatOne
Medical & Pharma
  1. Indus Hospital
  2. Macter International Limited
  3. Wilshire
  4. MMC
  6. Novartis Pharma
  7. Novo Nordisk Pharma
  8. OBS Pharma
  9. Paramount Distributors
  10. SAMI Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited
  11. Sina Health Education & Welfare Trust.
  12. General Hospital
  13. IIMCT
  14. Jinnah Hospital
  15. Mayo Hospital
  1. Kashf Foundation
  2. World Wildlife Federation
  3. Care International
  4. Diya
  5. World Vision
  6. Kawish
  1. Bulleh Shah Packaging
  2. Packages
  3. Tri Pack
  4. Dollar Industries
  5. Bestway Cements
  6. Indus Mining (Pvt) Ltd.
Telecom & IT
  1. Ericsson
  2. Mobilink
  3. PTCL
  4. Telenor Pakistan
  5. Ufone
  6. ArbiSoft
  7. Nokia
  8. Siemens
  9. Ibex
  10. TRG
  11. PITB
  12. PRAL
  13. DGS
  14. Terradata
  1. Cotton Web Limited.
  2. Escorts Advance Textile Limited
  3. Interloop
  4. MARIA B
  5. Styler
  6. Alkaram
  7. Crescent Bahuman
  8. Crescent Textiles
  1. PSDF
  2. Imrooze Group
  3. KPMG
  5. Midas Safety
  6. Ascend Group
  7. Panasian (Pvt) Ltd

Our team

Schuitema has been operating in Pakistan for almost 20 years.

Our physical office is located in Lahore, Pakistan but our operations expand across the whole country.

Fakhir Shah

CEO & Lead Consultant

Ghulam Kafeel Majal

Senior Consultant

Afia Mansoor


Omair Rana


Sohail Khan

Associate Consultant

Shahbaz Aftab

Associate Consultant & Sales Manager

Khurram Aleem Khan - Schuitema Group Pakistan
Khurram Aleem Khan

Creative Director